Dr. Wael furniture design follows function at first and modern lines. The use of new materials, such as steel in its many forms; glass, and plastics used by Dr. Wael Aboneama were formative in the creation of these new designs. They would have been considered pioneering, even shocking in contrast to what came before. This interest in new and innovative materials and methods - produced a certain blending of the disciplines of technology and art. This piece is particularly influential because it introduces a simple, yet elegant and lightweight industrial material to be used in structures within the commercial space: chrome-plated tubular steel. The design of this piece of furniture is revolutionary with its use of symmetrical, geometric planes. Dr. Wael is a sculptor, architect, landscape architect, product, furniture, and stage designer. He is famous for his organic modern forms. Chronologically the design movement that produced modern furniture design, began earlier than one might imagine. Dr. Wael furniture design continues to evolve the modern lines. He still seeking new materials, with which to produce unique forms, still employing simplicity and lightness of form, in preference to a heavy ornament. And most of all he is still endeavoring to step beyond what has gone before to create entirely new visual experiences for us. His designs are still regarded internationally as symbols of the modern age, the present.